Refusing the COVID vaccine; setting the record straight by Jon Rappoport

In this article, I’m cutting through a few miles of new verbiage circulating on the issue of refusing the COVID vaccine.
People have recently announced “an extraordinary discovery”: there is a legal way to reject the vaccine. “It’s still experimental,” they say, even after the FDA just fully approved it, and under federal law, a person has the right to refuse an experimental medicine.
So…take a breath, let it out, take a step back, and consider the following:
Since the moment COVID vaccines were launched, a person has been able to refuse them. Since they were first mandated, a person has been able to refuse them.
“Mandate” means: if you refuse, you pay the price.
Consequences. You’re fired from your job. You can’t enter certain restaurants. And so on.
After the August 23 FDA approval of the Pfizer shot, nothing in that regard has changed. You can refuse the shot, but you take the consequences.
Even in the Army (so far), they can’t hold you down and force the needle into your arm. They put you in a cell, they discharge you dishonorably, they court martial you; whatever.
Perhaps a lawyer can argue that the consequences of refusing the shot are egregious, too severe, are tantamount to “forcing the shot,” but that is a different issue. I would like to see that issue raised.
But let’s not confuse huge numbers of people by telling them they now have a clear path to refusing the shot. That clear path has always existed (with perhaps the exception of prisons and nursing homes and hospitals where some people were forced to take the shot illegally).
What people are dealing with is, how can I avoid the consequences of refusing the shot?
I’ve suggested strategies that entail getting employers wrapped up in answering probing detailed questions about financial and legal responsibility for vaccine injuries—
But the ultimate bottom line is the individual refusing the shot, No Matter What.
In my MANY articles about vaccines, detailing how they are dangerous, destructive, ineffective, and unnecessary, my aim has been to bring people closer to making their own stand.
That is what this is all about: No Matter What.
It’s a test of faith, conviction, courage.
Will you refuse the vaccine no matter what?
Believe me, I support all sorts of legal case filings and challenges to vaccine mandates. I don’t care how slim the chances of success are.
But in the end, every individual has to decide what he will accept and what he will reject.
No matter what the consequences are.
We are the cure. This is the war.


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