Mads Palsvig | Full Interview Part 1 | Planet Lockdown – Odysee

By far one of the most important interviews out there in the recent weeks, please do check out this one. You’ll also learn how and why they murdered Qaddafi by carpet bombing one of the most beautiful sites ever constructed by humans. This and much more in the following video on Odysee – A—Full-Interview-Part-1—Planet-Lockdown:c


Our good old friend Mr. Anthony Patch puts it in simple words. Well then you have those babblling about that they didn’t see any adverse reactions immedtiately receiving the death covaids jab, you have to wait and see that it might take around 2 – 4 months period till it starts activating itself top to...

EMERGENCY- Extinction Level Event Underway Due To mRNA Vaccine Bioweapon – Odysee

It appears that they’ve unleashed a bioweapon unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The vaccinated are transmitting an infection to the unvaccinated. We don’t know much about it yet as it’s so new. The reports are of people having problems are increasing fast. TenPenny along with RFJK discussed on this in their show on Shedding VS...

Pfizer CEO: 3rd shot ‘likely’ needed within a year

This mad dog wants to you ingest poison and leave the earth as soon as possible he needs a bullet instead of his own jab. Wake up folks they never intended anything for your betterment nevertheless they’re telling you to take as much poison as they want you to – A    

The non-existent virus; and the implications -Jon Rappoport

In other words, you’ve shown the OPPOSITE of isolation. The soup in the swamp never delivers up any evidence of a virus. But you SAY it does. – Jon Rappoport