This is a very profound in nature documentary on the subject of weather modification aka geo engineering aka Chemtrails. Please do watch, download and spread the word. Note: Please do not tamper with the above links. They are being monitored 24/7.

YOU FU_kING qUACK GET yOUR facts straight you @$$Η0∠∑ !

It appears that they’ve unleashed a bioweapon unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The vaccinated are transmitting an infection to the unvaccinated. We don’t know much about it yet as it’s so new. The reports are of people having problems are increasing fast.
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The recent cases of a number of holistic doctors who were killed/ “found dead” in Florida.. all had one thing in common. They had discovered that a cancer causing enzyme protein called Nagalese is being added to the vaccines administered to humans
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Almost Eight years old and they were telling folks in the face about “WHAT’S THE NEXT BIG THING” coming their way. At the time when I informed folks about it I was being mocked out and loud – A